Transportation of coal and iron ore is a logistic scheme where many elements bound together by certain functional ties and relations should form the integrity, minimize costs and ensure trouble-free delivery of products.

ASKO company develops logistics routes focusing on external environment and selects from several options the one which better contributes to accomplishing the goal. When making a decision, we base on the principle of rationality, namely, we offer methods of transporting products in the view of available funds and resources with maximum results.

When preparing a logistics proposal, we identify possible options, that is, different ways to deliver the target of logistics tasks, methods for solving each logistics issue, the advantages and disadvantages of each of the methods, so to find the most effective of them. Our offers are always justified and prepared individually for our clients. In particular, we evaluate each solution option and develop objective criteria by which it is possible to compare the proposed options and choose the best one. We optimize material, financial, information costs, and reach a balanced solution.

Prior to logistic itself, we conduct audits and checks to ensure that the supply process would go without loss. The transportation of each type of product has its own characteristics, standards and regulatory requirements. Therefore, at every stage of transportation of coal and iron ore raw materials, ASKO Trade specialists carry out full quality control and monitor implementation. We oversee the correct preparation of transport involved, its accurate loading with products, and pay special attention to shipping documents and loading-unloading operations.

The most important comprehensive indicator of supply efficiency with us is the duration of the logistics cycle and on time delivery.

At the pre-supply stage and within the logistics process, it is very important to perform risk mitigation and management of change procedures. Since the key supply pillar is reliability which must be followed at all stages of transportation, we reduce or eliminate the risks of the whole supply scheme.

We achieve our logistic goal through satisfying six conditions:

  • required quality of product
  • required amount of product
  • delivery of products at the required time
  • to the right place
  • at the lowest cost
  • quality control at every stage of supply

Thus, we eliminate risks for customers in all links and elements both in the process of material, financial and information flows, as well as the risks may arise in the logistic scheme. Due to our wide networking and up-to-date information awareness, we perfectly know all prices and suppliers of raw materials in order to find the most effective logistics solution for our customers and significantly optimize the budget for products transportation.