Experienced professionals

We offer demanding opportunities globally to talented and successful candidates. All our roles call for commitment in an environment where ambitious and capable individuals flourish and can build a career. We are a global company who employ people from all cultures and nationalities. Across the group English is the common language and additional languages are always beneficial.

ASKO Trade is an international company operating in most countries of Asia-Pacific region – Japan, South Korea, China, etc.

Our far-reaching goals require from us such a structure and culture that allow to take a leading position in a rapidly changing environment. We strive to attract, develop and create the best conditions for the best specialists and leaders.

If you already have professional experience or you have hit the ceiling at your current job and want to keep developing, then at ASKO Trade you will find unique opportunities for new roles, further growth and career in the sphere of supply and logistics of coal and iron ore.

Our multicultural and multilingual environment creates comfortable working conditions. Our special attention is paid to specialists who know languages spoken in Asian countries, and English is our corporate language.

With us you will get a chance to influence the market development and become a unique, versatile expert. You will gain international experience and discover new horizons in a global company. We offer all opportunities for both further professional and personal growth. As one of the leading players in the market, we know that the most important capital of a company is a professional, creative and close-knit team, so at ASKO Trade you can realize your potential to become the most experienced and sought-after specialists.

Share your experience in logistics, commerce and finance, strategic planning and the relevant sphere of coal and iron ore supplies. We will be glad to receive your CV at office@asko-ag.com and will contact you as soon as possible.

We discuss and provide individual conditions for candidates depending on their experience and level of professional knowledge.
The company ensures seamless integration into our environment and team, we offer various onboarding programs, worthy rewards and greatly appreciate your knowledge and experience.