ASKO Trade constantly monitors all the latest changes in the market with following determination of the probability of applying logistics technologies and optimizing the materials prices and supplies for our potential customers. We take every affords to provide our customers with the most significant effects: profit and service.

Consulting service is a systematic process of searching, identifying and solving complex logistic problems on the most favorable conditions. Our consultants have vast experience and knowledge in the coal and iron ore industries, they have developed clear schemes and working principles through which we create turnkey solutions, offer professional and competent help in solving your problems and challenges.

ASKO company has strong partnership relations with mining companies, processing complexes, also has in-depth knowledge of the market and tendencies, and offers you its sound background in organizing the supply of raw materials throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Our consulting principles:

  • Mobility
  • Flexible solutions
  • Customer-oriented approach
  • Concluding agency agreements on plants representation in Russia

We implement highly professional solutions to optimize logistics processes and design supply chains. You will receive an expert advice and, optionally, a fully developed plan of supply from the right producer to the final destination you need.

Raw material prices vary significantly depending on caloric content, impurities content and the supply base for each individual producer. We know all these nuances and provide sufficient consulting on the best option for you, considering the specifics and particular characteristics of your request.

Our team of consultants and experts works in close cooperation with clients at all stages: from determining the production site to the full cycle of work. We will analyze the conditions of the project, review them with our team and only after that will offer you proven, comprehensive solutions.

ASKO Trade is a well-known, reputable and reliable partner – the consulting solutions developed by us guarantee the best economic and logistical effects for many years. During the consultations, we conduct market analysis, consider additional options, as well as the data necessary when deciding on available options and comparing market prices for materials to meet your needs.

The ASKO team considers individual needs, potential capital and operating costs to fit the budget, and also guarantees maximum return on costs and optimal performance. Consulting services in the brand and delivery of materials are one of the ways in which our company helps you to optimize and reduce the cost of search and supply of coal or iron ore raw materials.