We offer exciting graduate and entry-level opportunities around the world, in fields ranging from geology and engineering to trading, sustainability, logistics and finance – to name but a few.
If you are dedicated and driven, you have a can-do spirit, and you are willing to learn and take responsibility, we offer the chance to develop your career – and the rewards to match.
We value diversity, and respect people from all backgrounds.
Our graduate programs combine structured, professional development with on-the-job experience. If you’re bright, curious, confident and keen to grow with us, you’re who we’re looking for.

ASKO Trade offers various onboarding and advanced training programs. They all pursue a goal of helping the newbies to join the atmosphere of our company, our team and to reach professional results. Those programs include trainings, courses, and corporate events. We know that in a modern world progressive young people play a special role in development of company, as an integral part of production. Therefore, it is important to attract and interest graduates and young professionals.

Introduction of a young specialist is not only adaptation to new conditions, it is also an active understanding of professional communication norms, labor discipline, production skills, traditions of the company, in other words – the process of entering into a particular social and labor environment.

Youth Policy

Our corporate youth policy is aimed at motivating graduates and their successful occupational adjustment, as well as at creating favorable conditions for active and independent development.

  • enhancing professional, intellectual, creative potential of graduates;
  • creating conditions for business activity and initiative development;
  • formation of intra-company and interpersonal relations culture;
  • inclusion of young specialist into socio-economic and cultural activities of the company;
  • conferences, forums, and communities.

ASKO HR Policy

Our personnel management policy supports organizational effectiveness, transparent and understandable corporate governance system that meets international standards and provides opportunities to maximize the potential of every employee. This strategy is one of the main competitive advantages of ASKO company.

All components of our HR Policy are structured to ensure flexibility of the company, its ability to quickly and effectively adapt to changes in markets and economic factors, and also to actively initiate and successfully implement the necessary innovations. To reach our goals we adhere to the following aspects:

  • efficient allocation of responsibilities;
  • employee promotion based on vocational evaluation;
  • regular professional trainings and development;
  • creating safe and motivating working environment;
  • individual development and career planning tools;
  • equitable remuneration and awards for work, achievements and results.

Corporate and social culture of ASKO Trade facilitates professional progress and integration of graduates into the company. On an ongoing basis we improve our personnel management technologies to create an effective working environment and attract talents.